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Why We Need to Stop Fracking

Ban FrackingOil and natural gas companies are secretly drilling oil and gas wells using a technique called hydraulic fracturing or fracking. Each well requires approximately one million gallons of water that ismixed with chemicals that are toxic and carcinogenic.  There are thousands of these wells in the United States and the oil companies keep drilling more and more.

Fracking threatens our water supply, increases health risks, threatens air quality and exacerbates climate change.  Don’t believe their blatant lies about how their well casings prevent these toxic chemicals from leaking into our water supply. They must think we’re idiots to believe that their well casing will never crack or leak. 

It infuriates me to think that a few people with the financial resources that the oil companies have can deliberately mislead the entire world population to believe that oil and natural gas are not culprits behind climate change, air and water pollution, cancer, and war. Wake up! It’s time that we as a civilization stand up to the few who control our economy, politics, and more.

What can you do to stop this train wreck?

Get Educated:

Watch Gasland and Gasland 2 to see what is really going on with fracking and how the oil companies are trying to keep us in the dark.  Smells a bit like “Erin Brockovich” or “Silkwood” to me… Seriously, spend a few hours and get educated about what’s really happening right here under our noses.

Read Clean Water Action’s website to get real information about fracking:http://www.cleanwateraction.org/fracking-california