Join us in converting the one billion internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in the world to use an emission-less fuel instead of gasoline, and most of all, in our mission to reduce atmospheric CO2 to save civilization!

Kids for Hydrogen Lab Tours

On Veterans Day, our team toured various labs around the San Jose area to find the resources we need to manufacture our own smart plugs and Metrol. We started off our tours by visiting Prospect Silicon Valley. We met with KJ, and she led us around their facilities. There were some pretty amazing things there, such as a smart 8-way traffic light and a driving simulator. We hope that we will be able to collaborate with Prospect Silicon Valley in the future to further advance our efforts. After that, we visited A1 Jays Manufacturing Services. There we were given a tour through the facilities, and our tour guide was kind enough to explain all of the machinery and their uses to our team. This was invaluable, especially for certain members of the team who didn’t know as much about their structure and function. This site offers manufacturing services, meaning that they would be crucial in helping us make our prototypes in the Bay Area. Our final stop was the Tech Shop in Downtown San Jose. They have a lot of hobby materials there, and even have a sandblaster. This location didn’t have all of the machinery that we require, but we all agreed that they could be useful to make our parabolic solar reflector. Right across the street from the Tech Shop was Iguanas, a famous burrito place where we all sat down to discuss our future plans while eating lunch. After that, we headed back towards home. It was a day full of laughter and bad driving, but it was also informative and helped us gain direction for our future plans.