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Utopia to Dystopia theme in artwork for music video

Marlee drawing for the music video.

Daniel Kodama set the stage for the Kids 4 Hydrogen time-lapse photo shoot at the D’Arcy’s residence on July 27th.  Marlee Melchizedek, freelance artist from Arizona, used watercolors and pens to create the first painting of a beautiful futuristic clean city scene.  By carefully brushing splashes of peach and teal colors, and then outlining images with black ink, Marlee brilliantly took Daniel’s direction and turned his words into dynamic images.

As soon as the utopian scene was complete and with barely enough time to allow the paint to dry, Daniel encouraged Marlee to bring pollution and despair to the substrate.  Laying her brush strokes of browns and yellows over the buildings instantly created the new tone — a sudden loss of hope. Working until 1:30 am, Marlee finished a masterpiece that Daniel filmed for his reverse time-lapse video.  This will be the theme for the music video “In the Year 2050.”