Join us in converting the one billion internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in the world to use an emission-less fuel instead of gasoline, and most of all, in our mission to reduce atmospheric CO2 to save civilization!

Kids 4 Hydrogen Team meets with Dr. Jay Keller in Palo Alto, CA

A two-hour meeting turned into a four-and-a-half-hour meeting when the Kids 4 Hydrogen team met with Dr. Jay Keller, Dept of Energ

y consultant, on May 26, 2012.  He made a

Dr. Keller’s presentation for Kids 4 Hydrogen Team Members

presentation that answered questions and helped the students learn about hydrogen fuel cell cars, comparisons between the various energy sources, and why building a hydrogen infrastructure is critical today.  These students, ranging in age from 16 to 23, were engaged and intrigued by his talk.


After the meeting in Palo Alto, at Merit’s Bay Area office, the students designed and organized their new website and logo.  They brainstormed about using the song “In the Year 2525” for their new music video and discussed which popular musicians they might ask to create the new song “In the Year 2050.”