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Teagan Knight vows to establish Kids 4 Hydrogen chapters in 50 states!

At the end of Kids 4 Hydrogen’s 10-day California Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tour, the team was pumped to keep the ground swell going.  California is the leader in setting up hydrogen fueling stations and leasing hydrogen fuel cell cars. Now Teagan Knight, a high school junior, is working with high schools and colleges in all 50 states to set up Kids 4 Hydrogen Chapters.  Using leads from people who have signed the waiting list as well as environmental organizations, she is stirring curiosity among the youth.  Teagan is working with K4H’s IT specialist to fine tune the chapter pages on the website (www.Kids4Hydrogen.ORG).  She’s responsible for chapter non-profit relations as well as monthly meeting content.  If you’re interested in starting a Kids 4 Hydrogen chapter in your state, talk to Teagan (831) 462-5655!