Join us in converting the one billion internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in the world to use an emission-less fuel instead of gasoline, and most of all, in our mission to reduce atmospheric CO2 to save civilization!

Mercedes presents “Well to Wheels” at Merit Academy

Eleven Kids 4 Hydrogen members gathered at Merit Academy for a fascinating presentation and discussion about “Well to Wheels” costs for energy.  This presentation by Tim McGuire and Lora Renz offered excellent graphs and information to help the team better understand the true costs of producing energy.

After the presentation, the team met in the theater to discuss big picture issues and clarification for new comers.  These members are highly motivated and ready to roll up their sleeves to move hydrogen to the forefront in the energy industry.

The discussion continued at a luncheon provided by Merit Academy. The team feasted on chicken parmesana and pesto tortellini.  Their next meeting will be on the first Wednesday of May.