Join us in converting the one billion internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in the world to use an emission-less fuel instead of gasoline, and most of all, in our mission to reduce atmospheric CO2 to save civilization!

February OBLITERATED Climate Change Records

I realize that everyone – that includes YOU – is busy.  And I know you’re REALLY BUSY – making money, maintaining your home, helping your kids and parents.  I get it.  What I don’t get is that my very intelligent, socially correct, politically active friends and family AREN’T LISTENING to the most important message about our future civilization.

Yep, and that future civilization consists of our children, grandchildren, and everyone else! Sowhy aren’t our politicians, corporations, and friends scrambling to fix our climate change problem?

I honestly don’t get it!

What can be more important than diverting the massive devastation that we are facing in our lifetimes?  We aren’t making the dramatic changes to reduce our carbon emissions TODAY so that we will be able to enjoy making money, maintaining our homes, and helping our kids and parents. Here are some facts that should scare the bejeezus out of you:

February didn’t just break climate change records – it obliterated them.

  • Regions of the Arctic were more than 16℃ warmer than normal; whatever constitutes normal now.
  • February was the third consecutive month to break global temperature records.
  • North of the equator was 2℃ warmer than pre-industrial temperatures (we passed the line…)
  • In 2015: largest CO2 increase in hundreds of thousands of years
  • CO2 level reached 404.02 ppm (up 1% from 2015) in Mauna Loa, HI

WAKE UP!  Denial will only ensure that the fossil fuel industry (oil companies, fracking industry, car manufacturers, politicians) will stay on this terminal course until they extract the last drop of oil and squeeze the last dollar out of the earth.  Their plan to phase out oil and natural gas (methane) and to offer clean energy will be decades too late.  I’ve seen their brilliant marketing campaigns to fool us into thinking that they have a sustainable plan, butit’s all smoke and mirrors.

I always like to offer solutions when I deliver depressing news like this.  In the next few weeks, I will share with you a game changer.  I’m still researching its viability and statistics before I publicly support this breakthrough in energy production.  Can’t wait to tell you…  I am so excited about its possibilities that I am up at night laying out plans and wrapping my head around how to implement it worldwide as soon as possible.  More real soon!