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Blown away by Hydrogen House’s Joule Box!

Touring Mike Strizki’s Hydrogen House Project in Hopewell, New Jersey, the Kids 4 Hydrogen team saw theoretical concepts put into action.  They learned about how solar panels created energy that was stored in both batteries and hydrogen.  Strizki stored hydrogen in 10 propane tanks on his property.  These tanks held enough hydrogen to supply energy for 45 days.  He taught the students how he conserves energy and balances the energy he uses with solar, batteries, and hydrogen.  By utilizing geothermal heating techniques, he reduces his heating and air conditioning bills.

Joule Box powering a motorcycle, lawn mower, Jeep, and Prius!

The unveiling of the Joule Box, portable energy station, was the highlight of the tour.  This unit is being used in emergency situations where power from the grid is unavailable.  It provides energy from solar and wind, and stores it in batteries and hydrogen.  With an inverter, it can produce energy in remote areas.  This unit also comes equipped with a water purification system that provides clean potable water in areas hit by disasters.

Lexie Lyons enjoyed being driven around the property in an electric Jeep — powered by electricity stored in hydrogen.  Michael Beck discussed the H2 to Go generator system with Strizki and student interns.  This was an incredible opportunity and learning adventure for the team.  They met with Strizki over lunch to discuss future opportunities to work together.