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Australia Cuts 110 Climate Scientist Jobs. Seriously?

AustralioopsI feel sickened by this news. Australia’s federally-funded research agency, similar to our NASA in the United States, has cut 110 of 140 positions that handle atmosphere and oceans, and another 120 positions will be cut from the land and water program.

I’m in shock! Australia is GROUND ZERO for climate change!

With these climate scientists now working in fields that are unrelated to their training and expertise (climate change and CO2 reduction), who will create the climate models and offer solutions? What kind of message are they sending to their young scientists, and more importantly, what are they going to do when they face climate-caused devastation?

Looks like corporate greed is the culprit, yet again. Yup! Economist Clive Spash says, “Climate science becomes secondary to business; business comes first. The interests of the corporate sector, of the mining and resource extraction industry, are primary in Australia.”

How could this happen to a country that already has extensive deserts, variable annual rainfall, and big problems with water supply? When are the Australians and everyone around the world going to wake up and work together to drastically reduce CO2 in the atmosphere? (Hint: HYDROGEN can be the answer – see this video Kids4Hydrogen made)

I am surprised that a few corporate giants have the power to mislead the masses and that most people still have their heads in the sand.  Actively addressing climate change is something we need to have done YESTERDAY.  It’s time we wake up!