My Sustainable Hydrogen Community Concept Is In The News!

Yesterday, I introduced an idea to build an intentional, sustainable community at the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce meeting and I received a great response! And some applause! The Santa Cruz Sentinel was there and mentioned my idea in their article about the meeting:

“Longtime resident and visionary educator Susan D’Arcy wants to create a new kind of place to live. The founder of Merit Academy, she’s mapped out a plan for a sustainable community, a dozen traditional homes, seven tiny homes, a dormitory plus a dining area, theater, pool, basketball court and a garden. She envisions her grandchildren and their friends living there.”

The article is in today’s Santa Cruz Sentinel, and there’s even a video on their site.  It’s exciting to finally start getting some traction on this!


Creative Ways Kids Can Get Involved in Stopping CO2 Production

Back in 1998, my oldest daughter Nicole and Merit classmate Joanne were the first students in the world to build a hydrogen fuel cell. They went on tour across the United States to demonstrate how fuel cells work by making ice cream with a machine powered by the fuel cell! Obviously they were the main attraction at their events – everyone loves ice cream! With no moving parts, it’s remarkable that hydrogen fuel cells can produce electricity with no CO2 pollution — the only by-product is water!

In 2005, my youngest daughter Jaclyn started Kids 4 Hydrogen, a California non-profit organization to educate the public about 100% clean hydrogen. She was a keynote speaker at the Walt Disney Concert Hall at an awards ceremony honoring then-governor Arnold Schwartzenegger for initiating the California hydrogen highway. She started a movement to educate Americans on how to convert their internal-combustion engine vehicles so they could run on gaseous hydrogen instead of gasoline.

In 2012, Rebecca, a Kids 4 Hydrogen member, wrote the lyrics and Nicole sang the song, “In the Year 2020” to update the public on our environmental dilemma since Zager and Evan’s 1969 number-one hit “In the Year 2525.” Zohar created the music video. If you’re a boomer, you probably remember this classic. Check out the kids’ new version in this music video to learn more about how hydrogen can and most likely will become the future energy source.

Meeting with the American Hydrogen Association in Silicon Valley

Checking out the Hysolgenics Fuel Cell at an American Hydrogen Association’s Silicon Valley chapter meeting.  Discussed the latest discoveries in renewable energy and unveiled their latest product. 

UCSC’s Stinky Lab

Kids 4 Hydrogen met with Dr. Li and his researchers at his “Stinky Lab” at UCSC.  They are studying how sewage can be used to produce hydrogen.  At this time, they are working on a small-scale but hope to use their new technology at the Santa Cruz Neary Lagoon waste-water treatment facility.

Nevin leads team at K4H Meeting

Our K4H team is researching available, efficient, and cost-effective ways to produce hydrogen and to convert internal combustion engines to gaseous hydrogen. Nevin introduced Dr. Roger Billings’ book “Hydrogen World View” and Dr. Addison Bain’s book “Hindenburg: Exploring the Truth,” which opened up lively conversations. Nevin set the agenda and lead the team. He is also helping other chapters with hot topics, latest facts, and movie selections.

Mercedes presents “Well to Wheels” at Merit Academy

Eleven Kids 4 Hydrogen members gathered at Merit Academy for a fascinating presentation and discussion about “Well to Wheels” costs for energy.  This presentation by Tim McGuire and Lora Renz offered excellent graphs and information to help the team better understand the true costs of producing energy.

After the presentation, the team met in the theater to discuss big picture issues and clarification for new comers.  These members are highly motivated and ready to roll up their sleeves to move hydrogen to the forefront in the energy industry.

The discussion continued at a luncheon provided by Merit Academy. The team feasted on chicken parmesana and pesto tortellini.  Their next meeting will be on the first Wednesday of May.

Silicon Valley Driving Charged and Connected” at SAP

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Join CaFCP staff and its members on Thursday, April 24 from 8:30am to 5:00pm for the “Silicon Valley Driving Charged and Connected” at SAP facilities in Palo Alto California. During the day, Honda, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota will offer test drives in hydrogen-powered vehicles and will be available to answer questions.
Event website:
SAP Labs
3410 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
United States
See map: Google Maps

“Why hydrogen powered cars will drive Elon Musk crazy” from Fuel Cell Dispatch News

Fuel Cell Dispatch News

Monday, March 17, 2014

Why hydrogen powered cars will drive Elon Musk crazy

Forget the Tesla Model S. Another car of the future is finally hitting the highway.

After decades of development—and no small amount of skepticism—major automakers are set to start selling hydrogen fuel-cell cars in small numbers in the US. In the coming months, a hydrogen-powered version of Hyundai’s Tucson sport utility vehicle will appear in southern California showrooms. And Honda and Toyota next year will offer Californians futuristic sedans that can travel 300 miles (480 km) or more on a tank of hydrogen gas while emitting nothing more toxic than water vapor.

The state of California, meanwhile, is putting up $20 million a year to finance the construction of 100 fueling stations, at last building former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s much hyped but vaporous “hydrogen highway.” It’s been 15 years since the California Fuel Cell Partnership, a coalition of automakers, technology companies and government policymakers, was founded, but now, says Catherine Dunwoody, its director, “We’re definitely at that tipping point where we’re confident that we can launch the market for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.”

Up to now, the ambition of weaning drivers off fossil fuels has largely focused on hot-selling electric cars like Tesla’s Model S. (In the US, transportation alone accounts for nearly a third of the nation’s greenhouse gas spew.) But hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles may be the real game-changer.

[Read more]


Teagan Knight vows to establish Kids 4 Hydrogen chapters in 50 states!

At the end of Kids 4 Hydrogen’s 10-day California Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tour, the team was pumped to keep the ground swell going.  California is the leader in setting up hydrogen fueling stations and leasing hydrogen fuel cell cars. Now Teagan Knight, a high school junior, is working with high schools and colleges in all 50 states to set up Kids 4 Hydrogen Chapters.  Using leads from people who have signed the waiting list as well as environmental organizations, she is stirring curiosity among the youth.  Teagan is working with K4H’s IT specialist to fine tune the chapter pages on the website (www.Kids4Hydrogen.ORG).  She’s responsible for chapter non-profit relations as well as monthly meeting content.  If you’re interested in starting a Kids 4 Hydrogen chapter in your state, talk to Teagan (831) 462-5655!

Brainstorming Session

Team Kids4Hydrogen met to discuss plans for each new chapter. They developed information packets and documents for new chapters that are opening across the United States!

Day 10: Returning Mercedes F-Cell to Palo Alto

Natalie drove the F-Cell and handed it off to Raymond Lee. The team L0VED driving the Mercedes F-Cell and will buy fuel cell cars

Natalie driving the F-Cell from Santa Cruz to Palo Alto.

when they are available in 2015! Thank you to Michael Schweizer and Lora Renz for making their Mercedes F-Cell available to us for our 10-day tour!

Day 9: 10-Day Tour Party!

After planning this tour for over a year, the kids watched the 10-day H2 tour slideshow in Merit’s theater with the Kids 4 Hydrogen team and their families. They devoured a delicious teriyaki chicken dinner and yummy carrot cake!

Enjoying a delicious BBQ dinner before the slideshow!

Great closure — lots of laughs!

Day 9: Joe Jordan cheers on Kids 4 Hydrogen!

Joe Jordan, the NASA scientist who introduced Merit Academy students to hydrogen fuel cell technology in February 1997, visits the Kids 4 Hydrogen team in Santa Cruz to cheer them on! He traveled with the Merit Academy team to Humboldt State in 1997 to meet engineers who taught the students about fuel cells.  Then, Jordan followed the team to Washington, DC, in 1998, where they presented their 15-cell fuel cell stack at the National Hydrogen Association’s 10th Annual Conference.  In 2005, Jordan was a key-note speaker at Jaclyn D’Arcy’s “Alternative Energy Discussion” that she hosted at Merit Academy in 2005 to meet with energy experts.  Watching the Merit students develop several educational outreach campaigns over 16 years, Jordan was enthusiastic and supportive of their new program.

Joe Jordan cheers on the Kids 4 Hydrogen team on the mall.

He enjoyed riding in the Mercedes F-Cell on a ride and drive around the Pacific Garden Mall.

Day 9: Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz

After traveling over 1200 miles on our 10-day tour, we loved arriving in Santa Cruz — headquarters for Kids 4 Hydrogen! Friends and family met us on the Pacific Garden Mall where we conducted our last demonstration and Q&A. Michael Beck gave an interview with KSBW, Channel 8, and Rebecca Fang gave an interview with KION, Channel 47.

Michael talking with KSBW, Channel 8 News

Rebecca talking with KION, Channel 46, about her passion for environmental engineering.

Day 8: The Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley

Today’s event was the biggest hit yet! Rebecca Fang did a bilingual interview with SinoVision TV in Mandarin and English! She also spoke to a Chinese newspaper reporter. We hope that our message gets across to an international audience! KTVU Channel 2 (San Jose) interviewed Nick Mercadante. Michael Beck, Natalie Kassel, and Susan D’Arcy spoke with the Sentinel. We reached tens of thousands of people today!

Nick describing how hydrogen is lighter than air so it is safer than gasoline!

Rebecca speaking Mandarin to a Chinese audience for SinoVision TV

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