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Founded in 2004, Kids 4 Hydrogen is an educational outreach nonprofit organization affiliated with Merit Academy. Kids 4 Hydrogen’s goal is to lead America in developing a sustainable energy infrastructure that will save our planet and meet the world’s needs in 2050. In the past, we gave presentations on how fuel cells work and presented hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on well-publicized tours, to encourage people to get on our waiting list to purchase fuel cell vehicles to move towards a sustainable hydrogen economy.

Now we have a new direction. We are continuing to educate people about our changing climate and the effects it will have on our lives, as well as presenting solutions to these problems. We hope to remove the mystery from green energy, and to present new hydrogen-based solutions.

Through intensive research, we have chosen Metrol as a solution that can be implemented within five to ten years. It is a type of hydrogen fuel made from wastes that rot or burn. It is a net-negative fuel, that it takes more carbon out of the atmosphere than it contributes to it. Metrol can be used in ICE cars that are converted with modifications to the heat exchanger, replacement of smart plugs for spark plugs, and the addition of a hydrogen accumulator. Metrol can also fuel homes and factories. And that is just the beginning of its benefits.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of Metrol:

Kids 4 Hydrogen Indiegogo Campaign Video:

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Learn more about the history of Kids 4 Hydrogen:

History of Kids 4 Hydrogen

Kids 4 Hydrogen Music Video: In the Year 2050


In the year 2050
If there’s still air to breathe
Still no catastrophe
We may see

Earth is struggling to keep us alive
Can’t keep up with global warming, global cries
Everything you seek, use, and waste
Won’t be around beyond today

In the year 2050
We’ll limit driving to just 20 miles per week
Your household power runs till 7 PM
Not till morning will you get it again

Mother Earth has had enough of pollution
Can’t keep waiting for an instant solution
Solar, wind, and geothermal just need
Hydrogen’s sustainability

In the year 2050,
Hydrogen’s the only hero we’ll see
The most abundant element to exist
Can give the Earth another chance to live

The clock is ticking on the nuclear time bomb
Soon plutonium, uranium are all gone
Nor can we live off burning fossil fuels
Because clean coal is a just a political tool.

In the year 2050
Every nation’s a third-world country
The war for oil has killed millions
Thirst and hunger eat civilians

In the year 2050 BC
Some were hunting, others were gathering
Resource crises give us no option
We’ll have to live that era over again

Though this crisis seems far away
It’s creeping up on us with each passing day
Cars and airplanes will be things of the past
When we dry up our last gallon of gas

Within the past two centuries
Man’s wasted exponentially
The fuel he drinks and eats
Fades in a heartbeat
But if we change our ways
Well then perhaps someday
Our kids will live to see
How we changed Earth’s destiny

By the year 2015
With hydrogen fuel cell cars on our streets
We’ll cut our carbon footprint drastically,
Achieve sustainable energy

Fifty-five thousand cars are all it takes
To start to make this world a better place
To lead the building of a hydrogen highway
Support the cause and buy a car today

In the year 2050
If there’s still air to breathe
Still no catastrophe
We may see

In the year 2050,
Hydrogen’s the only hero we’ll see
The most abundant element to exist
Can give the Earth another chance to live

  • Upcoming Events

    The team will continue to build better public awareness for Metrol and Smart Plugs.


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    • Building Hydrogen Biofuel Production Unit, Phase One
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    • Stay tuned to learn how hydrogen may be the answer to Climate Change problems. Check out http://t.co/mmlQfc5tpb this week for latest news.
    • Did a test drive of the new Toyota Mirai yesterday! It's the first fuel cell car for SALE in the US. Loved the luxury drive!
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