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Summary: Advise your students to sign up as members for Kids 4 Hydrogen. Ask them to watch the Kids 4 Hydrogen DVD to learn about clean hydrogen and the history of this program. Encourage students to read articles written by Kids 4 Hydrogen authors. Any questions or comments, please write comments in my comment box.

Title: Kids 4 Hydrogen Presentations Date: On Going
Summary: If you would like Kids 4 Hydrogen to provide a fuel cell demonstration, please contact Jaclyn D'Arcy at

Title: Yes on Prop 87 Date:11-8-06
Summary: Proposition 87 which would have taxed oil production in California to help refund alternative fuel development in the state, was defeated Tuesday, after a campaign in which both sides spent a total of $156 million. 

Title: Intelligent Energy and PSA Peugeot Citroën Announce Fuel Cell Development Programme  Date:1-12-06
Summary: British fuel cell development company Intelligent Energy today announced a working programme with PSA Peugeot Citroën, whereby Intelligent Energy’s automotive fuel cell systems are to be tested and integrated within PSA Peugeot Citroën’s electric vehicles for future deployment in electric vehicle fleets.

Title: General Motors previews fuel cell, hybrid and performance vehicles for the future in Dubai
Summary: The regional media was given a glimpse of the future generations of General Motors' vehicles yesterday at a Middle East International Motor Show preview hosted by Larry Burns, Vice President of General Motors Research & Development and Strategic Planning and Terry Johnsson, Managing Director, General Motors Middle East.

Title: What’s Different About This Car?
It’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. With gas prices soaring, it also might be the ride of the future
Summary: The stubby Honda two-door cut through Manhattan traffic like a skateboard. It accelerated smoothly, braked quietly, and—best of all—consumed no gasoline and generated no greenhouse gases. Sticker price: upwards of $1 million.

Title: ARSC Hydra Unit to Ship Hydrogen Fuel Cells in January Date:12-8-05
Summary: HOUSTON--American Security Resources Corporation (OTCBB:ARSC) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Hydra Fuel Corporation, plans to ship beta units of its proprietary hydrogen fuel cells to select customers immediately after the holidays in January, 2006.

Title: Toyota Motor developing home fuel cells Date:12-7-05
Summary: NAGOYA--Toyota Motor Corp. is developing home fuel cells following its successful launch of environmentally friendly fuel cell cars in a bid to emphasize its clean technology in both its vehicle and housing divisions, company officials said Wednesday.

Title: Will Our Children Be Driving a Hydrogen Fuelled Car? The Role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Future Energy System Date:12-2-05
Summary:Paris --“Urgent action is needed to diversify the energy supply and to curb CO2 emissions. Hydrogen and fuel cells are part of a broad range of emerging technologies that may help achieve this goal”, said Claude Mandil, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) today in Paris, at the launch of a new study: Prospects for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. “To enter the market however, Hydrogen and fuel cells need significant technical breakthroughs, cost reduction and appropriate policies. Huge public and private investment and R&D efforts are required to meet the expectation of a new generation of vehicles with nearly zero emissions and to reduce oil dependence in transport”, Mandil added. 

Title:  Fuel Cells To Power Future California Cars?   Date:12-2-05
Summary: The state of California's Integrated Energy Policy Report, released last week, pays lip service to the idea of fuel cells as part of a plan outlined by Gov. Schwarzenegger in 2004. However, the technology is part of the state's long-term plan to cut emissions.

Title: Quantum Featured in Discovery Channel Special Date:12-5-05
Summary:IRVINE, Calif.-- Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., (Nasdaq: QTWW - News) today announced that the company was recently highlighted in a Discovery Channel Canada special which aired on the cable network's Daily Planet program. The show featured fuel cell and hybrid vehicles that Quantum designed and manufactured for the U.S. Army as part of several development programs awarded to Quantum by the U.S. Army.  

Title: Chicago to build first ethanol-hydrogen fueling station Date:11-10-05
Summary:The city of Chicago plans to build the world´s first ethanol-to-hydrogen fueling station thanks in part to $2 million funding included in the federal Energy and Water Appropriations Bill, according to members of the Illinois congressional delegation.House and Senate conferees approved fiscal year 2006 appropriations bill Nov. 7, which includes the ethanol-to-hydrogen fueling station funding. "It´s good energy policy, it´s good environmental policy, and it´s good economic policy," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., who championed the funding in the House. "Hydrogen is an affordable renewable resource with virtually infinite quantities. By investing now, we can develop this technology to fit our country´s growing energy needs." The city of Chicago will install the hydrogen fueling station to fuel a small test fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The facility will convert ethanol -- an alcohol fuel produced from crops -- and convert it to clean hydrogen gas. "By funding the world´s first ethanol-to-hydrogen fueling station, Illinois is setting a global example and putting our nation on the road to energy independence," said Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill.

Title: LAX Lauded for First Large-Airport Hydrogen Fueling Station
Summary: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has won this year's Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) Environmental Achievement Award in the large-airport class for constructing the first retail hydrogen-fueling and generation station at an airport. The 10,500-square-foot station, that opened last Oct. 22, incorporates a commercial retail-friendly design, which will pave the way for future retail outlets.

Title: Fuel cell future? PBS program explores Date:7-13-05
Summary: Explaining how fuel cells work is a daunting task, but an upcoming PBS television program makes it simple — and memorable.

Title: First hydrogen plane tested in US
Summary: A US company says it has successfully completed test flights of a potentially environment-friendly aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen.

Title: Stanford Scientists Call for Hydrogen 'Apollo Program' Date:7-1-05
Summary: What if all the vehicles now on the road in the United States were suddenly powered by hydrogen fuel cells? Stanford researchers say in a June 24 article in the journal Science that such a conversion would improve air quality, health and climate -- especially if wind were used to generate the electricity needed to split water and make hydrogen in a non-polluting process.

Title:Hydrogen Bill Passes Unanimously In Florida House Date:4-27-05
Summary: TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Hydrogen Energy Technologies Act (FHETA), the legislative proposal focusing on hydrogen energy technologies and incentives, passed unanimously in the Florida House of Representatives today. With 114 representatives approving the bill, it now awaits approval from the Florida Senate.

Title:Hydrogen Proposal Would Include Solar, Nuclear
Summary: Washington D.C. [] Competing visions of a future hydrogen economy are increasingly addressing how the hydrogen is derived. A new US $3.9 billion program proposed by two U.S. Congressman would authorize the current Administration to embark on a plan to produce hydrogen from three energy feedstocks: solar, wind power, and the sure-to-be controversial, nuclear option.

Title: San Jose to test hydrogen-powered bus Date:4-5-05
Summary: Through the month of April, passengers can ride a new hydrogen-powered bus being tested on two routes operated by the Valley Transportation Authority in Santa Clara County.

Title:University of Wisconsin Students Compete To Make Hydrogen Cars Date:4-5-05
Summary: Madison, Wis. — University of Wisconsin-Madison engineering students have accepted a challenge: the Future Energy Challenge. A team of 30 engineering students and three professors are developing vehicles and engines that operate on clean and renewable energy, taking their inventions to competitions around the country.

Title:California Hydrogen Highway Blueprint Draft Released Date:4-5-05
Summary: The Draft Final California Hydrogen Highway Blueprint Plan documents have been transmitted from the California Environmental Protection Agency to the Governor.

Title:Michigan to promote 'hydrogen highway' Date:4-5-05
Summary: LANSING - With a new boost from the Big Three automakers, Michigan plans to promote hydrogen-powered transportation supported by a "hydrogen highway."

Title:Another day at the hydrogen-powered office
Summary: THE world’s first office block powered by wind, rain and sun is to be built in Scotland in a bid to prove that eco-friendly energy can meet the needs of business.


Title:California Fuel Cell Education Program
Summary: On Thursday, February 24, 2005, a California Fuel Cell Education Program was “kicked-off” with an all day Fuel Cell Science Teacher Workshop and “Energy Exhibit.” This kick-off was hosted by the Irvine Unified School District at its South Lake Middle School in Irvine, California. As part of the workshop, twenty teachers, representing five area school districts, and with the hopes of reaching approximately 2,000 students by December 2005, were bused to the National Fuel Cell Research Center (NFCRC), University of California, Irvine for a two hour tour. While at the NFCRC, the teachers had a chance to view a Siemens Westinghouse 25-kW tubular solid oxide fuel cell, a Plug Power GenSys fuel cell, a Capstone microturbine system, and a Toyota hydrogen fuel cell car.

Title:NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference 2005 Conference Highlights
Summary: WASHINGTON, D.C -- The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) announces the highlights for their 16th annual conference, March 29 through April 1 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. The event, Partnering for the Global Hydrogen Future will feature both U.S. and international content and an exhibition of technology and products from around the world.

Title:Ford Introduces Hydrogen Engine to Market
Summary: Ford Power Products (FPP), a division of Ford Powertrain Operations, introduces hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines (H2ICEs) to the industrial marketplace.

Title:Gov. Bush: Hydrogen powered buses the start of clean fuel in Florida
Summary: ORLANDO, Fla. -- Florida doesn't have its first hydrogen fueling station yet, but it's got a hydrogen-powered bus ready to fill up.


Title:Governor Bush Unveils Hydrogen Energy Technologies Act and Break Ground on Florida'S First Hydrogen Energy Station
Summary: ORLANDO — At the groundbreaking of Florida’s first hydrogen energy station, Governor Jeb Bush today unveiled his plan to further diversify the state’s economy by establishing Florida as a national leader in the development of hydrogen energy technologies. Joined by Senator Lee Constantine and Representative Adam Hasner, the Governor outlined a proposal for the Hydrogen Energy Technologies Act, which will spur investment and accelerate the commercialization of pollution-free energy and transportation technology in Florida.


Title:Second Hydrogen Station Planned for Singapore
Summary: [] BP and JTC Corporation (JTC) have signed an agreement to co-operate in the development and installation of hydrogen re-fuelling technology.

Title:A More Efficient Way to Produce Hydrogen
Summary: So far they've done the recipe only on a small scale in an Idaho laboratory. The ingredients are water, electricity and extreme heat.

Title: State of Florida is the First Customer for Eight Hydrogen-Powered Ford E-450 Buses
Summary: Ford Motor Company is stepping up its commitment to creating a better world with a significant expansion of its hybrid vehicle lineup and announcement of the first customers for new hydrogen-powered vehicles that go on the road next year.

Title: BMW stresses hydrogen as performance fuel Date:1-5-05
Summary: LOS ANGELES -- Riding high on the back of a record sales year in 2004, BMW has underscored its belief in hydrogen as a future performance fuel.


Title: Hydrogen Fleet Cars by 2020?
Summary: The first fleet users are likely to be putting their names down for hydrogen-powered cars by 2020 and the vehicles could be a familiar sight in company car parks in the following years.

Title: Military bases test fuel-cell technology Date:1-3-05
Summary: Demonstration fuel cells installed at defense stations at Pearl Harbor, Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Schofield Barracks will test the viability of alternative energy sources.

Title: CALSTART Conference in Los Angeles Date:12-2-04
Summary: An impressive partnership of automakers, technology suppliers, energy suppliers and regulatory agencies are among the sponsors supporting "2020: California's Transportation Energy Future conference. This single-day CALSTART conference focuses on finding solutions to achieve the state's goal of significantly reducing petroleum consumption and increasing the use of alternative fuels by 2020.

Title: Samsung Hydrogen-on-Demand Scooter
Summary: Samsung Engineering has successfully tested a prototype fuel-cell scooter that uses a version of “hydrogen on demand” technology to generate its own hydrogen from a solution of sodium borohydride. The scooter, the result of a project sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, can run up to 140 kilometers on 6 liters of hydrogen fuel.

Title: Hydrogen Refueling Station Opens In D.C. Date: 11-24-04
Summary: WASHINGTON — About four miles east of the U.S. Capitol, in an industrial section of town, sits a gas station that looks like any other. But it's not, because on Wednesday it became the first in North America to have a hydrogen dispensing pump.


Title: Ford chairman calls for U.S. aid with health care, hydrogen cars
Summary: WASHINGTON — Bill Ford, Ford Motor Co.'s chairman and chief executive officer, called Wednesday for federal help with health-care costs and the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Title: World's largest Hydrogen station opened in Berlin

Date: 11-24-04
Summary: At the opening of the filling station, Hydro's Hilde Myrberg, head of Markets in Oil & Energy, handed over the hydrogen fuel dispenser to the Federal Minister of Transportation, Dr. Manfred Stolpe, describing it as a "token of a better future".


Title: Homegrown fuels key to homegrown hydrogen Date:11-10-04
Summary: Homegrown biofuels may be the key to building a more viable and homegrown “hydrogen economy,” according to the head of a Des Plaines hydrogen technology center.

Title: Governor Schwartzenegger's unveiling of California's first retail-designed hydrogen fueling station Date: 10-22-04
Summary: On October 22, 2004, Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger made a grand entrance to the event in a brand new hydrogen-powered ICE Hummer and pumped gaseous hydrogen into the tank. He spoke a the LAX retail hydrogen fueling station before 300 guests and over 40 members from the media. Making good on his promises to build California's Hydrogen Highway and to convert his Hummer to take hydrogen (it wasn't actually his Hummer - GM built it for him!), Governor Schwartzenegger is California's bold new leader.


Title: 1st Annual Breathe Easy Awards Ceremony honoring Governor Schwartzenegger. Date:11-19-04
Summary: On October 19, 2004, the American Lung Association held an awards ceremony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Jaclyn D'Arcy Mike Arlen and Terry Tamminen spoke about their efforts to promote clean air for Californians before 200 guests.
Title:Air Quality Management District Conference in Palm Dessert Date:8/04
Summary: This was a four-day conference in Palm Desert. Guests were invited to tour the Sunline Hydrogen and Compressed gas fueling station.

Title: Short Course Converting Vehicles to Hydrogen Date:5-8-04/5-9-04
Summary:This course will provide instruction on converting vehicles to use hydrogen gas. It is offered by the American Hydrogen Association and the City College of San Francisco.
Title: Drive to Survive Event Date: 6-28-04/7-12-04
Summary: Dennis Weaver will lead the Drive to Survive Event this June 28 - July 12, 2004. They will start in Los Angeles and head south to Mexicali, then weave their way north to Vancouver, Canada. A variety of clean, alternative-fuel vehicles will join this drive. Jaclyn D'Arcy, Kids 4 Hydrogen, will join Dennis Weaver in San Jose to discuss how kids, and their parents, can join her organization to promote a clean hydrogen economy. Check their website to join Drive to Survive or attend the events in your area.


Title: National Hydrogen Association's 15th Annual Confrence Date:4-26-04/4-29-04
Summary:The NHA hosted its largest conference of hydrogen experts and industry leaders from around the world to discuss the future of the hydrogen economy in Hollywood, California. Speakers included Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, Dennis Weaver (Drive to Survive), Terry Tamminen (Secretary California EPA), Ben Knight (Honda R&D Americas), Professor James Sweeney (Stanford University), and more. Congratulations to the student team from the University of Victoria for winning the 1st Annual University Student Design Contest (hydrogen fueling stations). Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, and more were available for conference attendees to test drive.
Title: Hydrogen Safety Short Course Date:4-26-04
Summary: The Hydrogen Safety Short Course offered a wealth of information on industry safety at the NHA Conference in Hollywood, California. Complete hydrogen safety courses as well as consumer safety courses are also available.