Senator Feinstein and Jaclyn D'Arcy
in Washington, D.C.

What is Kids 4 Hydrogen?

Kids 4 Hydrogen will educate students and adults about why hydrogen should become America’s energy choice of the future. By providing students all of the United States with updated information about new government policies, laws, national security, legislation, and breaking innovation that directly affect the future of our environment and the hydrogen economy, Kids 4 Hydrogen will become the foremost news outlet of information relating to hydrogen energy for kids. Check our up-to-date bulletin board on our website: Kids 4 Hydrogen will also conduct nationwide tours demonstrating the efficiency and viability of converting ICE cars to use hydrogen gas.

Kids 4 Hydrogen supports all renewable, sustainable and clean methods of producing hydrogen. We believe that the cleanest way to produce hydrogen is to use an electrolyzer powered by solar energy. As the world moves towards a hydrogen economy, Kids 4 Hydrogen will promote and support efforts to keep hydrogen production as clean as possible.

Kids 4 Hydrogen will travel across the country to universities, energy conferences, and high school auto shops to show everyone that they can make a difference by supporting the hydrogen car redesign program. We need to take action now because the current leaders of the United States are making energy decisions that will affect future generations. In one collective voice, Washington will hear from the young people of America that we demand a clean hydrogen economy. Our goal is to convert existing internal combustion vehicles to hydrogen, while manufacturers design and produce vehicles that only use clean fuels. Kids 4 Hydrogen will lead the youth to a hydrogen highway, where every car in America will be powered by this clean, efficient, and environmentally-friendly fuel.

Convert Your ICE Car to Use Hydrogen Gas

Rather than wait 100 years for all of the ICE cars to disappear off the roads, Kids 4 Hydrogen encourages everyone to convert the ICE cars they drive today to use hydrogen gas. This will help eliminate air pollution and end our reliance on foreign oil sooner than simply waiting for car manufacturers, energy companies, and the public to embrace the hydrogen economy.

There are several ways to redesign your existing car to use hydrogen gas. The American Hydrogen Association (AHA) offers several seminars a year. Visit their website at to sign up for a class. You can also hire a Hydrogen Conversion Specialist to convert your car. Check Kids 4 Hydrogen’s website at for a list of links to courses and specialists nationwide.