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Metrol (Liquid Hydrogen) 

We are working towards bringing Metrol stations to an area near you! Sign up on our ICE conversion waitlist, and with enough sign-ups in one area we will be able to open a station nearby.

Gaseous Hydrogen

Hydrogen fueling stations exist in Northern and Southern California, here is a map of their locations with updates included for ones being constructed.

California Hydrogen Fuel Stations


Here is a national map of existing and proposed H2 fueling stations:

  • Upcoming Events

    The team will continue to build better public awareness for Metrol and Smart Plugs.


    • Chapter Recruitment
    • Preparations for TEDxMeritAcademy!


    • Establishing Chapters
    • TEDxMeritAcademy on August 14th at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz!
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